Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Northern Hopping

Welcome to my new blog i hope you enjoy what i put here? and yes you guessed it, its a Ground Hopping blog site, basically i'll be posting all the games attended this season, which won't be that many if Royal Mail have there way!!, yes i work for HRH especially Saturdays and most evenings, mmmmmm not good for Ground Hopping, but i'll do what i can. So where better to start than my own local club Salford City FC, they play in the unibond div one and right now are bottom with 1 point, but doing well in cup comps, strange as they normally get knocked out right away, so here's the first post, cheers.

16/09/08Unibond League Cup Round One.

the main stand


admission £6
programme £1.50 (none left when i got there)
attendence 106
scorers , dwyer 27, massey 39

there's a club house selling your usual beverage, a limited club shop, t
ea bar, and a large standing area which dates back from the old rugby days played at moor lane.

the smaller entrance to Moor Lane

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